Rocío Carrasco and Marta Riesco: chronology of a confrontation

What started out as a surprising and eye-catching revelation with Marta Riesco and Rocio Carrasco as protagonists it has ended in a bitter story unraveled in several chapters throughout the week. Last Friday the Telecinco reporter assured in it’s already eight o’clock that he had spoken on the phone with Rocío Jurado’s daughter. “When I’m bad with Antonio David I received a call from the director of a magazine and he tells me that there is someone who wants to talk to me and the person he is with is Rocío Carrasco,” she said to the astonishment of all her colleagues. “She has a conversation with me where she basically tells me that she wants us to meet, that she has a work project that will interest me.“, he added. After that call, which according to Marta occurred with the mobile speaker activated, “the director of this magazine apologizes to me if I have felt uncomfortable and sends me a poster of the concert in tribute to Rocío Jurado in Seville “, assured the journalist.


This statement by Marta caused a great media stir. The director of the magazine confirmed that he had indeed spoken to the reporter on the phone, but flatly denied that Rocío Carrasco had joined the conversation. Despite everything, the journalist continued with her version. “How can I know that Rocío Carrasco is here if I don’t talk to her?“, he said when in doubt.


On Monday, Marta headed to Seville to cover the April Fair as a reporter for Ana Rosa’s program, but his work was overshadowed by the impact of his statements, which continued to be questioned. “I am not a bad person, I would never make this information up under any circumstances“He assured through tears in a live connection. “I find the public ridicule that I am suffering shameful, unfortunate and horrible. They are trying to stop me from being crazy and ridiculing. No one laughs at me, Marta Riesco does not lie“, he pointed.

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The next day, Rocío Carrasco reappeared in Save me to recreate what happened on April 21 while eating with Fidel Albiac and the person who did speak on the phone with Marta Riesco. Rocío Jurado’s daughter went to the restaurant where the events took place and showed the images recorded by the security cameras of the premises. In them, Rocío is seen enjoying a meal with her husband and the director of a magazine and how the latter gets up from the table and goes to another area of ​​the bar to answer Marta’s call. After the issuance of these images, Rocío said with complete confidence: “Seen what we have seen, I can say and I say with a very big mouth that I have never called Marta Riesco, that I have never spoken directly or indirectly with her. I have never offered Marta Riesco a job“.


The daughter of Rocío Jurado and Pedro Carrasco decided to take action on the matter when she saw the dimension that what happened was taking. “What you cannot invent in any way is that you have talked to me, use that lie to exercise violence against me again“, she denounced. Rocío was referring to Marta’s comment that “she was not able to call her children”, but she was. “You are a bad person, I have said it before and I say it now, the one who has cried has been me, listening to you name my children and listening to you question me as a victim of gender violence, yes you are bad and you are a liar, a lot“, he claimed.

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Marta’s next step, as she herself has communicated, has been to legally request the recordings of the restaurant’s security cameras. “I have requested the recordings of the security cameras of the restaurant for that day and for that entire time slot. And they don’t give them to me and they don’t want to show them to me. You will have to do it legally“. He also claims to have an ace up his sleeve, some alleged evidence that a week later he still has not shown.

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