Rocío Jurado already has her ‘temple’ in Spain

July 5, 2022, 4:24 PM

July 5, 2022, 4:24 PM

Sixteen years have passed since her death, due to pancreatic cancer, but at last the dream of an unforgettable woman came true. In her native Chipiona (Spain) she opened the doors on Rocío Jurado Museum, a A must-see for anyone who wants to review the life and work of one of the most internationally renowned Spanish artists.

I recognize many dresses because I’ve been there, with her holding my arm. I see them and I see her”the mayor of Chipiona (Cádiz), Luis Mario Aparcero, told the Spanish media outlet El País.

And it is that these suits are only part of a collection of objects of the artist that are on display. They are also awards, furniture, sculptures, the piano with which he rehearsed and even his Mercedes-Benz convertible.

“My mother loved to sing, she was happy when they listened to her and dreamed of having a museum here in Chipiona, but what he really dreamed of was growing old in this land”, expressed his daughter Rocío Carrasco, at the opening ceremony.

According to its web page, the sample allows “a trip to the heart of the life and work of Rocío Jurado”. “It is a rediscovery of the artist and an approach to her person, through the different sections and elements that house the collection, we will know how the daughter of a humble shoemaker became a star in just a few years and how his prestige grew over time until he reached the top”.

It also details that the museum has a interactive music areawhere visitors can listen to Rocío’s greatest hits through a surround sound system.