Rod Stewart: His 11-year-old son Aiden had to be hospitalized after having a panic attack

At a football game, Aiden (11), the youngest son of music legend Rod Stewart (77), collapsed on the lawn. Due to his symptoms, the 77-year-old and the bystanders concluded it was a heart attack, and Aiden was immediately taken to a hospital. Fortunately, the bad assumption was not confirmed there – Rod Stewart’s son had suffered a panic attack. The incident shaped the singer and his family. He now described the frightening moment to a British magazine.

Rod Stewart’s son had a panic attack while playing soccer

In an interview with the British magazine “FourFourTwo”, the father of eight tells that his son turned blue while playing football and became unconscious. Seeing his son on the lawn like this, he thought, “My boy is having a heart attack.” Fortunately, a heart attack could be ruled out in the hospital through investigations, as reported by “t-online”. Still, the diagnosis is worrying: his son was having a panic attack, which isn’t very common in an 11-year-old.

Rod Stewart is a father of eight

Aiden is Rod Stewart’s youngest son. In total, he has eight children with three different women. He has been married to his current wife Penny Lancaster (51) since 2007. The two have two sons together: Aiden Patrick (11) and Alastair Wallace (17). From the previous two marriages he has two daughters and three sons, all of whom are grown up.