Rodrigo Cuba after going to conciliation with Melissa Paredes: “He intends to disregard our previous agreement” | variation of tenure ampay farándula RMMN | SHOWS

This Thursday the conciliation hearing was held between Melissa Paredes and Rodrigo Cuba, which was requested by the actress to redefine the custody of the daughter they have in common.

The ex-partner was unable to reach an agreement and “Gato” Cuba was in charge of making it clear that he categorically rejects the actress’s intentions. The program of Magaly Medina showed the brief statements that the footballer gave after attending this new hearing.

“(Melissa Paredes) pretends to ignore our previous agreement”said the soccer player when he was approached by the press teams that were waiting for him outside the conciliation center located in San Isidro.

What did Rodrigo Cuba’s lawyer say?

Lady Peña, in charge of the soccer player’s legal defense, gave an interview to the program Magaly Medina to explain the reasons why your sponsor did not agree to settle with Melissa Walls.

As detailed, the protagonist of the soap opera “Ojitos Hechiceros” is seeking to vary the shared tenure where each parent has three and a half days to be with the minor.

In this way, Rodrigo Cuba would have two working days during the week, and optionally on weekends to take his daughter. Peña assured that this modification would be disproportionate, taking into account that the soccer player has games on weekends.

The lawyer questioned that the actress intends to make these modifications despite the fact that the first agreement that both signed allows them to vary the days they enjoy with their daughter in specific cases. In that sense, she believes that Paredes’ motivations would be economic, since by exercising tenure for more days she could request alimony.


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