Rodrigo González and his criticism of Gisela Valcárcel’s red dress in ‘La Gran Estrella’: I thought it was ugly | entertainment | celebrity | Love and Fire | SHOWS

In the latest edition of his program, Rodrigo González criticized the red dress he used Gisela Valcárcel at the debut of her new program called ‘La Gran Estrella’. The TV host stressed that this dress was not up to the occasion.

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“The terrible dress, not even when a fabric took them off (the sleeves)… I don’t understand, suddenly they decide in a week and change their minds several times and do it in pieces, what do I know”Rodrigo said.

He then continued with: “the opening… a shape… I found it very ugly, very bad taste. She always likes to be in her red dress, but what a red dress… if you know you’re going to come back in your dress, how much time you have to do it, how are you going to wear that! She will see it cute, otherwise she wouldn’t wear it. I personally don’t like it, she’s had other hit days.”

“La Gran Estrella”: this is the long-awaited jury of Gisela Valcárcel’s new show

The popular “señito”, mother of the also TV host Ethel Pozo, began the first gala of her program this Saturday, July 6, at nine o’clock at night, on the América Televisión channel.

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Likewise, Valcárcel presented the new jury that will qualify the talented contestants to all their viewers. This team is made up of presenter Adolfo Aguilar, producer Michelle Alexander, choreographer Morella Petrozzi and renowned producer Sergio George.

On the other hand, it should be noted that the producer Sergio George had already signed an alliance with GV Producciones, a production company that owns Valcárcel, and arrived in our country weeks ago with the aim of showing this show to the international market.