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The presenter of “Love and Fire”, Rodrigo Gonzalezcriticized the latest discussions between the drivers of “America Today.”

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It should be remembered that Ethel Polzo, Brunella Horna and Janet Barboza have starred in more than one awkward moment by having strong exchanges of words live.

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In this regard, González indicated that the presenters were not on the right track. “That’s not going well. It is already beginning to be noticed that camaraderie there is the least of it, ”he said.

“What is being seen, first, is a fight of egos, discomfort, a pass from ‘invoices’, a bad work environment,” said the popular “Peluchín.”

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Likewise, Gigi Miter’s partner was surprised that Gisela Valcárcel’s daughter did not attend Horna’s recent bachelorette party.

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Ethel Pozo confronts Janet Barboza: “I can’t lie to make her look good”

The presenter clarified that she did not know about these demands and assured that she cannot lie on television. For this reason, when Janet pointed out last Monday that her colleagues were aware of it, she replied that she did not know about it.

I can’t lie, I always tell the truth, I’ve never been on television. Brunella told me: ‘I had to lie so as not to leave her bad‘”, Ethel Pozo commented, because the young businesswoman assured that she was aware of said judicial problems of the experienced driver.