Rodrigo González, ‘Peluchín’, to Aldo Miyashiro: “You didn’t think they were going to discover you” Fiorella Retiz Érika Villalobos instagram The Chinese Farándula band RMMN | PEOPLE

The reappearance of Aldo Miyashiro in “La banda del Chino” to give his release after the ampay he starred in with Fiorella Retiz -with whom he had passionate kisses at the house of journalist Óscar del Portal- and which was broadcast on the program “Magaly TV: La Firme”, captured the attention of viewers this Wednesday night.

One of those most interested in hearing what Érika Villalobos’ still husband had to say was Rodrigo González, “Peluchín”, who connected with his Instagram followers through a Live to comment and give his point of view on the public apologies he offered to all those affected by his actions.

the presenter He questioned that the channel did not suspend him, as happened in other cases, and questioned his lack of arguments. “Neither Sheyla (Rojas) nor Melissa (Paredes) did that to them. Get out!… It’s going to take a few days (away from the program). Son, it’s over, bye!… He doesn’t know what the hell to say anymore, they would have given you a pronter”said.

“I’m not going to say that I consumed alcohol (and that’s why he kissed his ex-partner) but I say it (whistle sound)… Tremendous asshole!… Old fox!… But you did not think that they would discover you, (his team) that they always support you in all your bullshit “, he added.

Because on more than one occasion defended Retiz and asked that he not be blamed for what happened, “Peluchín” could not stand it and indicated: “Oh, no! Show face for the reporter, there are several times that he talks about her “; and when Miyashiro asked not to mess with his family he said: “He’s challenging.”

Finally, Gigi Miter’s friend and partner in “Amor y Fuego” warned the actor: “Take care of your brother because tonight you will not be able to enter your house (…) I’m going to sleep a little confused my loves… Tomorrow I’ll wait for you on Willax TV.


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