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In the latest edition of Amor y Fuego, Rodrigo González He spoke out again due to Mario Irivarren’s statements revealing that he has anger problems. In addition, the TV host criticized the fact that the model also seeks support from actor Christopher Gianotti.

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During the broadcast of the program, Gigi Miter assured that Mario Irivarren must undergo adequate therapy, so that he does not make the same mistakes again.

“Another will come to do the same to him and Mario will continue, even though he has been with the prettiest girls on television, but you have to have a level of self-esteem…”, Gigi commented.

Given these comments, the popular Peluchín did not miss the opportunity to attack Christopher Gianotti, who on his Instagram account claims to be an ontological coach

“Also if it deals with Christopher Gianotti… give you the money back…”, said Rodrigo Gonzalez.

mail |  Rodrigo lashes out at Mario Irivarren:

Vania Bludau on Mario Irivarren: “He jumped on the furniture and grabbed me by the neck”

Before the explanations of Mario Irvarren towards the drivers of Amor y Fuego, Vania contacted Gigi Miter, to deny that they had grabbed her by the neck.

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“He climbed up on the furniture to grab me by the neck. What he says is wrong. My friends were next to me and he didn’t yell at me, he insulted me. It really surprises me.” said the model through messages in the live program of “Amor y Fuego”.