Rodrigo Murray brings Leonardo da Vinci’s failures to the stage

The actor Rodrigo Murray returns to the theater as a playwright and presents the monologue Leonardwhose premiere is this Friday, May 6 at the Xola Theater, a moment that will remember his father, who is also actor Y writer Guillermo Murray, on his first death anniversary.

“Me mother Lidia and my sister Gabriela are the first in line. My father will also be with me. I think it will be a very nice, dignified and endearing moment with the family and with the public present, ”he said in interview with The Sun of Mexico.

“Da Vinci always seemed to me an extraordinary person, a human being with a sense of curiosity beyond what we can imagine, he was an architect, a painter, an urban planner, I identify with him”.

Murray is accompanied on stage by a replica of Sebastian’s monumental piece entitled Leonard 4.

With music by Luis Ernesto Martínez Novelo (LU, bassist of the group La Gusana Ciega), the monologue shows in a humorous way, what we have in common with a dreamer like Leonardo da Vinci, who was born 570 years ago: failure.

Leonardo da Vinci in many cases he had failures that led him to get up and understand that this is the only part that identifies us as human beings alike”, he deepened and highlighted that the scientific he had a great sense of humor.

“The whole life should not be taken with solemnity, you have to be funny and grateful, the monologue has a great sense of humor. We will not see on stage piggy (his character on the show television frozen rent), but the play is impregnated with humour, because I cannot understand life if it is not thanks to a smile.

“This is a moment where we are tired of seeing the world we live in because there are barbarisms, rapes, femicides, impunity, war and drug trafficking. Backwaters are required as Leonardwhich allow us to enter a world sick with smiles, with happiness, thanks to Leonardo, the virtuous”.

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Leonardwill not only be in season in Mexico City, Rodrigo Murray also confirmed that he will take him through the interior of the country.

In relation to the total opening of the theaters, the actor He indicated: “How wonderful, blessed God! The theater is once again full as it was a few years ago. Go to the theaterto see the actors and have spectators, it is something that I appreciate, that people can return to theaters with all the security measures, it is urgent that we artists bring many people into the theater, for the good of our mental health, As part of our work in the performing arts”.