Rofrane Bambara (Large Families) honest, she balances everything on her salary!

The annoying / famous question of income

It is often the mothers of the families who manage the tribe’s Instagram account and answer questions from Internet users, live or in stories. Very present on social networks, Rofrane often offers his followers to answer their questions. She always promises to be honest. And one of them wondered if the young mother intended to resume a professional activity, or if she simply intended to stay on social networks. His response was immediate:

Honestly no. We’re not going to lie to each other, I work from home, I manage my schedules, I take care of my children and above all I am available for them since it is a flexible job and I don’t know any other“. Thanks to the show, Rofrane has found a balance that allows her to earn a good living, while having time to raise her children. A luxury for a young mother. She knows, however, that it is a ” annoying subject“, which is why she makes it clear what ” measure this chance“, that of being” present for them and earn (his) living like that, partly thanks to his followers“.

The families of the show are not paid

Among the mothers who participate in the program, Amandine Pellissard is undoubtedly the best known, but also the one who receives the most criticism. While some accuse her of living solely on benefit money, others say she makes too much money from product placements. When it comes to talking about salary, she’s not the last to respond. Recently, she wanted to make things clear by indicating that she and her family do not receive a penny to show themselves in front of the TF1 cameras:

It’s a documentary, and the legal status of a documentary is thatthere is no pay. It’s not a reality show, where these are candidates with a stake and indeed a remuneration. Large families, life in XXL is a documentary-reality program that generates no remuneration for the participants. It would be high time to anchor it in his head.

If she wanted to participate in this show, it was therefore not for the money: “ The idea was just to share something and try to dust off the clichés and ready-made ideas about large families”. On the other hand, and even if she is not paid, she knows that participating in this program offers her many things: ” In all honesty, of course the visibility of television opens doors and gives access to opportunities. “.

Rofrane sick for the holidays

After wishing happy holidays to its subscribers, Rofrane confided in an open heart, she who had to be hospitalized. She told Internet users about her ordeal: “ For us this year it was atmosphere flu / covid test and lumbar puncture for Christmas, accompanied by a hint of scanner and MRI and all the gratin of examinations at the hospital. And for the New Year, nothing works in my little body

At the origin of this hospitalization, a “simple flu”. But the latter left traces, and in particular ” loss of mobility on the right side” because this flu has left “lesions in the brain”. On Instagram, she wanted to thank her husband, always present by her side, before giving encouraging news that gives hope for better days: “ As of today, II hardly walk again but I still walk, every step and one step forward 2022 will start with rehabilitation for me hoping to regain my mobility and above all to be able to take care of my children again”.

A new test for the one who has already faced covid-19, an illness that had weakened her a lot: No news but I’m in a bad state, really. The coconut shattered me. (…) It’s tiring, it’s exhausting. I have terrible headaches, the light kills me. I kept my sunglasses on today”.