Roger González and El Chino are OUT of ‘Venga la alegría’

The changes in ‘Venga la alegría’ after the arrival of Maru Silva as the new producer have already made themselves felt. Kike Mayagoitia entered first and he will be joined by Ismael Zhu, El Chino, for the weekend edition.

This was announced when sharing a recipe this Friday, January 6, where he was moved almost to tears when saying goodbye to his colleagues. Everyone hugged him, while Kike Mayagoitia wished him the best for the new challenge that both begin this Saturday, January 7 in ‘Come joy, Weekend’.

El Chino was joined by Roger González’s farewell.

“I can finally tell you how happy and grateful I feel to close a beautiful cycle, to welcome the new projects that I will be doing this 2023. The most difficult decisions are the ones we make when everything is fine. But only those that have gone through this feeling, they will know that sometimes we have to promote changes to allow new things to come into our lives to continue working with the impulse of PASSION”, he wrote on his Instagram account.

Roger commented: “I am heartily grateful to those people who invited me for the first time to host a morning show, it was a great experience and I am very happy to start a new stage, and as always: Together”.

In his statement, he shared that he is closing his cycle to face new challenges in the new year that has just begun. “My purpose this 2023 is summed up in transformation and growth, and there is no growth when we do not drive our lives to constant change.

“I wholeheartedly wish my friends who decide to continue a successful new season. I will always say it, the best drivers in the country were by my side every morning and I learned a lot from each one of them.”

“To the morning audience that accompanied me every morning on TV, thank you for letting me into your homes so early and allowing me to start your day with joy and making you smile, we have had a lot of fun together. See you soon on screen. Roger,” he wrote. .

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