Roland Kaiser: “My wife would tell me: honey, you should stop now”

Roland Kaiser is about to turn 70. In the second half of his life he talks about the love of his life and the big topic of appreciation.

Pop star Roland Kaiser has remained down to earth despite his mega success (more than 100 million records sold). But now he took off again, figuratively speaking: Shortly before his 70th birthday on May 10th, the singer (new single “Against the love one doesn’t arrive”) took to the air with BUNTE quarterly. He flew over his favorite island of Sylt and in glorious weather – heavenly! In the cockpit he is just as confident as a pilot as he is as a singer on stage.

Where does the great passion for flying come from? “Even as a boy I dreamed of flying. When I was little, I often walked to Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. I saw the planes take off and land there, which was spectacular because they flew in over the city. I have swore to me at the time: You will learn to fly as an adult,” remembers the Berliner.

The hit star rarely gives private insights. The fans are all the more happy when he shares a snapshot. Just like the couple photo of himself and his third wife Silvia, which you can see in the video above!

Roland Kaiser on daughter Annalena: “I love this child very much”

Exactly 30 years ago, Roland Kaiser got his pilot’s license on Sylt. Here at the small airport in Westerland is now his new Cessna, which he bought in 2019. He owns a house in Morsum on the east side of the island, far away from the high-society town of Kampen. He interrupted his family vacation for BUNTE quarterly. He raves about his third wife Silvia (56): “She’s the love of my life. We’ve been married for 26 years now, that’s only possible with certain ingredients: humor, trust, esteem and respect. We really like to laugh a lot with each other. ” And the proud father of three says about his 23-year-old Annalena: “I love this child very much. Father and daughter usually have a very close bond anyway. I enjoy our closeness, it never gets too much, we never get enough of each other. I have I’ve always wanted my children to think of me as their best friend when they grow up.”

A close bond can be felt between him and his wife as well as his daughter. The singer would also listen to his loved ones if they thought it was time to leave stage life behind. Which is far from being the case: His open-air concerts will start in the summer, followed by the big tour, and his 30th album will be released in September: “If at some point it’s no longer dignified, my wife would say to me first: ‘So ‘My darling, now you should stop and realize that life has other things in store for you'”, says Roland Kaiser. “I trust her and I know that she only wants what is best for me and is always mercilessly honest. My children do too. And I think that’s good.”

Roland Kaiser: “I’m sure I get a very special feeling once or twice a day”

What role does gratitude play in his old age? “I’m sure I get a very special feeling once or twice a day. That I intensely feel how beautiful it is to live. When you’re in your second life, like me, then a lot of things every day are a great gift,” he says before his anniversary, which he will celebrate in the mountains of Tyrol. “At some point there was a point where I became very aware: whether I will ever experience this or that is written in the stars. Being able to play these big arenas again, with space for 20,000 people, is a gift that cannot be given enough can appreciate. I’ve started a career again in my old age. I live it with a lot of humility and gratitude – and let people feel it too. I show my audience that I owe it to them. And not to me.”

One prettier than the other!  Rare appearance with wife and daughter

One prettier than the other! Rare appearance by Roland Kaiser with his wife and daughter
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