Roland Kaiser: Sad decision – fans get nothing

That’s a clear statement. While his fans have had a great wish for years, Roland Kaiser is now reacting to the countless messages for the first time. The hit star even becomes quite specific. The last glimmer of hope for his followers has finally disappeared.

But maybe the new events will change Roland Kaiser’s mind! The singer has reason to celebrate and that might just lead him to make his fans’ long-awaited dream come true.

Roland Kaiser and Maite Kelly receive a special award

Since the release of “Why Didn’t You Say No” in 2014, Schlager fans have been wanting more of it. The duet by Roland Kaiser and Maite Kelly is now an integral part of any party playlist. In addition, the two singers are showered with prizes. Among other things, their accompanying music video has the Smago! Won the award for “most successful hit video of all time”.

And now the next milestone follows for the two: “Why didn’t you say no” has sold over 750,000 copies. For this success, Roland Kaiser and Maite Kelly are awarded five gold records. Their joint song is now one of the best-selling German-language hits in Germany. So it’s only obvious to produce a second part of the hit, as the fans think.

Roland Kaiser rejects the continuation of “Why didn’t you say no”.

However, Roland Kaiser vehemently rejects this idea. While his followers want nothing more than another duet with Maite Kelly, the 70-year-old makes it clear that this will never happen. “When you’ve had such a success, you hardly ever get it back like that. Maite and I both said: ‘We’ll leave it.’ You can’t repeat something like that so easily,” he explains to “”.

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There is still a small consolation for the fans: Maite Kelly promised on Instagram that she would “continue to write hard” songs for Roland Kaiser. The next hit shouldn’t be long in coming. And until then, fans can sweeten the waiting time with the “Romantic Version” of “Why Didn’t You Say No” from 2019.