romance crosses the screen and makes fans delirious – Nueva Mujer

On November 18, the sixth season of the hit Netflix series premiered. Elite, where love, drama and the unbridled life of the students of Las Encinas converge.

Elite tells us the story of some students from an exclusive private school, to which three new poor students arrive as scholarship holders.

His arrival causes a confrontation between rich and poor that ends in murders and disappearances of students.

But beyond the plot, In the real life of each one of the actors there are stories of romances that go beyond the screen.

In the first seasons the celebrities that come from the series The Money HeistJaime Lorente and Maria Pedraza they had a relationship in real life that ended in 2021 and gave rise to talk in international magazines.

But the characters of this sixth season have interesting romantic stories and here we show you who their partners are:

Carmen Arrufat

The actress who plays Sara in the series He has a partner with whom he shares many photos on Instagram. He is a 21-year-old named Oriol Cervera.

Alex Pastrana

According to Comercio de Perú, the young Spanish actor began in the theater, and since last year he has been doing more projects for television.

This year he was part of two Netflix productions, “Elite” Y “Welcome to Eden”. Not much is known about his private life. so far no known partner. On his Instagram account he has always shown himself alone.

Itzán Escamilla

The actor plays Samuel in “Elite” Y he has been linked to a young woman named Viro. However, no further details have been revealed in this regard. Apparently, the actor keeps his love life in reserve.

Carla Diaz

Who personifies Ari in the series, has not made any romance public either. In 2021, when she was recording the fifth season, some media linked her to her partner André Lamoglia, but they were only rumors.

Martina Caridi

mencia in “Elite”, He maintained a relationship with Iván Pellicer, but, at the beginning of this 2022, he deleted his Instagram photos with the Spanish actor.

Claudia Salas

Who plays the role of Rebeka has not presented a couple. Recently, followers linked her to a young man, but it was later confirmed that it was her sister.

Georgina Amorós

The actress who plays Cayetana She has a sentimental relationship with the producer of “Elite”, Diego Betancor. Their love began in the middle of the pandemic and they have been together for more than a year now.

Pol Granch

In 2020, He shone with the Spanish Natalia Lacunza, but that relationship did not work and, according to comments about the actor, they would not have ended on good terms.

Valentina Zenere

She is the new actress “Elite”, She has been in a sentimental relationship with the Spanish film director Jordi Lladó, since 2020.

Andre Lamoglia

The actor who plays Ivan in the series, is being romantically linked to Carla Diaz.

Manu Rios

Patrick in “Elite”, He posts several photos with Carlos Parejo on Instagram. However, neither have confirmed whether they are in a relationship or not.