Romina Manguel spoke about her boyfriend 21 years younger than her: “Life is a…”

Beyond his ascending professional career, Romina Manguel She is going through a great personal moment, since she is in a relationship and very much in love with her boyfriend Matías, a 28-year-old man who works as a political consultant.

Yes ok Manguel maintains that the age difference is not a problem for them, he said that at first he received some criticism, but that it was thanks to Alexander Fantinus who dared to bet on love.

“I am 49 years old and he is 28. They are 21 years apart. We met through a mutual friend, I loved him and I was very hooked. I didn’t even ask him his age, but he told me that two years ago he had moved out of the old people’s house, so I thought he had misunderstood, ”he told Behind the Scenes, by AM 540.

Romana Manguel.

“This my love brought me a lot of laughter and complicity, in addition to helping me unwind. I have a less dramatic look. I love it and at 28 you still think you can do everything. So I tell him, for example, that I would have loved to do a master’s degree at Columbia at 28 and he replies: ‘Why can’t you do it?’ I explain that I have two girls, four jobs and it’s not like you’re going to New York with a scholarship and that’s it, ”he commented.

“Everything seems to him that it can be done and that motivates me a lot. He has a drive and a punch that are very good, ”he added. Manguel about the momentum he feels in his relationship with the 28-year-old.

“With my girls it was hard. And with the oldest, who is 14, it cost a little more because some of the moms at school are quite conchus. So they came and said: ‘Are you going out with an asshole?’ “, revealed Roman.