Rookie and veteran comedians face off in LOL – El Sol de México

They can act, sing, improvise, anything they can think of, but at the slightest grimace that reflects a laugh or, flat out, a laugh, they will have to be eliminated from the competition for a million pesos that they have ready for the winner.

Five couples, more dynamics, games, jokes and different madness is what the fourth season of LOL: Last One Laughing Mexico which premieres this May 6 by Amazon Prime Video.

Alex Montiel and Platanito, Eduardo Videgaray and the stakeJuan Carlos The Sheep Nava and Juan Carlos Casasola, Alexis de Anda and Ray Contreras and Karla Camacho with Isabel Fernández are the pairs that will face each other this season.

Another novelty is that the prize will not be for the comedianbut for a foundation in order to release some stress to the competitors.

“Before it was a fierce fight because they knew that the million was for them, so it was hard for us because nobody wanted to laugh, I was amazed and asked them how they managed not to laugh and many of them told me that, in order to win the money, they thought of their dead mother, their dismembered brother, some things that I said: ‘hey, wait, this is a game, it’s not that big a deal,'” said the producer and host Eugenio Derbez in interview.

“We felt it was too much, that’s why we decided to give the million to a foundation and this helps the house a lot because they already take it more as a game and not the need to pay debts or that their life depends on that money.”

Derbez will be accompanied in the analysis room by his son José Eduardo, who was invited, not only because he is the cheapest of his children, as they joked, but because the actor he can exploit his comedic abilities.

This is one of the programs that he likes to do the most. Eugenio Derbezsince there are no limits.

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“Before it was a pride as a Mexican to say that we laughed at everything, now not anymore, you can’t say anything anymore because everything offends them, annoys them and LOL It’s a breath of fresh air because there is no censorship here, anything goes.

“Those who are very sensitive, please don’t watch LOL, there are many other more options; those who see it will know that it is a very open comedy and will have a lot of fun”, said the actor, who is part of the cast of the tape CODAwinner of Oscar 2022.

LOL It has six episodes, the first three will be available this May 6 and the rest from 13.