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In the almost 40 years that he has been actressItatí Cantoral has witnessed the evolution of content on gender, and especially the way in which issues related to women are addressed.

In a chat with The Sun of Mexico the actress shared that she is inspired by seeing stories close to her, and expressed her commitment to using the performance to promote female relevance, both in front of and behind the scenes.

“I like to sit in front of the television and see series only of women, with whom we identify. It reminds me that I must be empathic with my gender, in my case also with actresses. It goes from work to family,” she expressed.

When referring to the way in which the relationships between women within fiction, he called on screenwriters and directors not to encourage rivalries, but to re-educate themselves and portray what those ties are like in the real life.

“Here there are no scenes where we fight over a man, or we say to each other ‘you’re a traitor, idiot’, ‘damn crippled’ style in any episode, and with that you make a lot of difference, as an actress I can tell you that enough of that” .

comedy with respect

Currently the also singer is recording the new seasons of the comedy rooms for rent, where she plays the matriarch of a wealthy family who, after going bankrupt, are forced to start a new life in a property where her stepbrother lives, plume (Armando Hernández) and coexistence unleashes comical situations.

When questioned about the role of humor in the current context, Itatí He stressed that it is a fundamental element for people, for which he is grateful to be part of projects that allow him to bring a smile to others.

“The happiest I get is when I hear my daughter laugh, Maria Itati. That is why I know that humor is so important for human beings, and what a father that there is an entire channel dedicated to that, to making people laugh.

However, he specified that one of the mantras they have had in that production has been to maintain a line of respect within the humor they handle, to avoid making fun of situations that could hurt some audiences.

“If we see that something can be aggressive, we change it immediately. There is a very fine line where one can think that you are causing grace, and maybe you are hurting, ”she commented.

The actress Yare Santana, who plays her daughter, expressed that “as a woman it is an honor to give visibility to these issues, and especially through humor.” undisclosed spoilers, announced that in this season there will be scenes with a marked feminist approachand there will even be a whole chapter where the discrimination to the LGBTIQ+ community.

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The native of Matanzas, Cuba, assured that only by addressing this type of issues without fear will it be possible to invite equality, and she believed that not only respect for women, but also towards men.

“We have forgotten empathy. It is not about separating, but about union. In the end, if we polarize the extremes, we divide. Feminism is about uniting, a struggle for rights as a human being, and respect. That they respect my body, my work, my way of living and being, and men also need that respect, “she concluded.