Rosalía confesses her phobia of phone calls

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          The release of her new song, ‘LLYLM’, is not the only gift that Rosalía has given her fans in the last few hours. Last Friday, the Catalan artist summoned his followers to a direct on his Instagram account, something that many interpreted as a sign that an important announcement was coming. Although this did not happen in the end, the artist’s followers were very happy for having had the chance to spend some entertaining time with her (and with her older sister Pili de ella, who from time to time also participated in direct).

          The Catalan began the live by telling her fans that tonight He was going to the Carolina Durante concert in Madrid. So since she had to get ready to go out, she would do it in front of her followers (more than 40,000 viewers accompanied her during the hour that the broadcast lasted). In this fun ‘live’ drinking a white wine recommended by Pharrell Williams, the artist has made a confession with which many ‘millennials’ (if not all) feel identified: hates talking on the phone.

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          “I don’t know who makes calls nowadays,” Rosalía said. “It’s super invasive to call nowadays. I don’t make calls anymore,” she confessed before revealing that she can count the people she does pick up on the fingers of one hand. Some statements that she made with a mask on the face, proving once how close and natural she is with her fans (and we adore her for it).

          Rauw Alejandro (probably one of the lucky ones who does pick up Rosalía’s phone) has also intervened live. The singer was the most adorable of her, because he did not stop writing her loving messages telling her how beautiful she is with or without makeup and how much he loves her.