Rosalía stars in the new ‘Skims’ campaign

      Rosalía is in one of the best moments of her life, both personally and professionally. Her relationship with Rauw Alejandro could not go better, and the artist has shown that he is very much in love with her with the tattoo that has been made of her in her honor. As far as her career is concerned, the singer is also succeeding, as her album ‘Motomami’ has broken records, becoming the best debut of an album in Spanish on Spotify. The Catalan never stops, and she has just made her foray into the world of fashion, nothing less than from the hand of Kim Kardashian. My goodness, Rosalía, put him down.

      Yes, the artist stars the new Skims campaign, Kim Kardashian’s signature, how do you stay? We have been amazed when we have seen it. The businesswoman has shared the spectacular photos of the campaign on her Instagram account, and these have been very well received by fans, since in just 10 minutes Kim’s publication already had more than 400,000 ‘likes’.

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      The businesswoman has once again set the networks on fire with her new collection, just as she did a few weeks after having some of the ‘top models’ of the moment to star in the campaign. On this occasion, it is the Catalan singer who stands in front of the cameras to pose with Skims tops, bras and thongs. A minimalist collection that follows the philosophy of the rest of the brand’s designs and is designed to favor all women.

      It’s not for sale yet, but this businesswoman’s collection promises to be a hit. Of course, let’s hope it doesn’t happen like with the tickets for Rosalía’s ‘Motomami’ tour, whose exorbitant price was heavily criticized on social networks.

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