Rosario Montes (Zharick León) and her daughter; Camila Rojas photos

Little by little, details of ‘Pasión de gavilanes 2’, Telemundo’s soap opera that will start in a few weeks and that will have several actors and actresses who will arrive with new characters to add drama and a new twist to the story of the Kings and the Elizondos.

In addition to the change that there will be in the remembered ‘Martín’, this second part of the novel will come with a new character that will accompany Rosario Montes, villain in the first season, and who will continue to be played by Zharick León.

This woman will no longer be alone, but he will have his daughter Muriel Caballero, a young woman whom Camila Rojas will bring him to life in this second part of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’.

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Daughter of Rosario Montes (Zharick León) in ‘Pasión de gavilanes 2’

The two actresses revealed this information by posting a photo on their Instagram accounts.. Wearing a hat, both women expressed the happiness that comes from interpreting these two characters that will go hand in hand.

“Rosario Montes, owner of her silences, will be devastating in the face of her goals and Muriel Caballero, her mirror,” wrote Zharick León in the description of the photograph.

There are still not many details of what the role of these two women will be, Well, in the first edition of ‘Pasión de gavilanes’, Montes was the villain, but for the second the two women who will play this role are already known.

The first indications indicate that Muriel Caballero (Camila Rojas) He will have an affair with one of the children who were born from the love of the Kings and the Elizondos.

Something that is very clear is that these two women have understood each other very well on the set and an example of this is that the young actress says she is proud to play the “daughter of one of the most beautiful women on Colombian television“.

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Photos of Muriel Caballero (Camila Rojas), daughter of Rosario Montes (Zharick León), in ‘Pasión de gavilanes 2’

The woman behind this character is Colombian, although she has spent most of her career abroad. He was born in Cúcuta, Norte de Santander, but studied and has had his chance on Mexican television.

In an interview with El sol de hermosillo, he said that his intention was to study in England, but he did not succeed and that is why he went to Los Angeles, where he did have a space to start carving out his path that ended up giving him a step towards Tv Azteca.

With this company he signed an exclusivity contract for three years and was in several audiovisual productions, but this one is over. After other professional experiences, CAmila Rojas arrives at ‘Pasión de gavilanes 2’ to make herself known in all the countries that will broadcast her episodes.

These are some of the photos of the actress who will play Muriel Caballero, the daughter of Rosario Montes: