“Rosin’s Restaurants”: Frank is shocked! “Like a campsite”

“Rosin’s Restaurants”: Frank is shocked – “Like at the campsite”

Trainee at DER WESTEN

06/09/2022 at 10:46 p.m

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Layer in the shaft – The history of mining in the Ruhr area

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Frank Rosin is once again called to help. In the wake of “Rosin’s restaurants“ on Thursday (June 9) on Kabel1 he is in Hamburg to help a pizza baker.

What he sees there stuns him. The chef feels like he’s at a campsite and not on his show”Rosin’s restaurants“.

“Rosin’s Restaurants”: Frank Rosin reaches his limits – he is stunned

Frank Rosin has already helped a number of restaurateurs out of trouble. Can he do it this time too? He’s at Nicole Harms’ restaurant – if you can even call it a restaurant. Entering the small space, one has the feeling of standing in a small family kitchen. It is anything but professional – the entire kitchen is made of wood.


This is Frank Rosin:

  • Frank Rosin was born on July 17, 1966 in Dorsten
  • He is a German chef, TV chef and restaurateur
  • Frank Rosin’s father was a wholesaler of catering supplies
  • His mother Marlies ran the “Glückauf-Grill” snack bar for over 40 years.
  • His restaurant “Rosin” is in Dorsten
  • The entire episodes of “Rosin’s Restaurants” are available in Joyn’s media library


The pizza baker has neither a real pizza oven nor a real way to cool the ingredients. She puts three cold packs in each of two boxes. The ingredients for the pizzas are then placed on top of this. When Frank sees this, he can hardly believe it! “It’s all camping equipment – like on the campsite,” he says, stunned. But not only the kitchen and the kitchen utensils are the problem. But also Nicole herself.

“Rosin’s Restaurants”: THIS is the biggest problem with Nicole’s restaurant

Because of her two mini-ovens and her slow working method, she can only make six pizzas in an hour. Calls from customers are not even answered. And when she does, she always says: “I only have two ovens. So it takes a long time for her pizza to be ready!”

Frank almost freaks out when he hears that. A solution is needed. Nicole gets a completely new restaurant equipment and is trained by an absolute pizza baking professional.


More news about Frank Rosin:


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