Ross Antony’s career began with a big lie

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Ross Antony’s career began with a big lie
Ross Antony became known through the show “Popstars” © Imago

Cheated three years younger: Ross Antony’s career on “Popstars” began with a lie. The correct age of the singer was actually 27.

Siegburg – His career began with a huge cheating action! Ross Antony (47) has revealed that his career as a singer on the talent show “Popstars” started with a big lie. The hit star, who has been married to the opera singer Paul Reeves (47) since 2006, was chosen as the winner in the TV format with the band Bro’Sis, which also included Giovanni Zarrella (44). In an interview on the WDR show “Room Frei!”, the musician spoke openly about the fact that the “Popstars” management had made him three years younger, but he was 27 at the time.

One of the reasons for the lie was that his younger fans in particular could identify with him better. The big age difference between him and his colleague Hila Bronstein (38), who was ten years younger than him when the band was founded, would otherwise have been too big. The star shared, “It really didn’t work.”

Ross Antony’s career began with a big lie

However, the TV presenter is not the only artist whose career started with such a lie! Cheating on age doesn’t seem to be anything new in the hit scene, since hit star Jürgen Drews (77) was also made three years younger in his biography by his manager. In the “The King’s New Podcast” podcast, the musician revealed: “I couldn’t help it and then stuck with it. I couldn’t go in everywhere and say, ‘By the way, my date of birth is wrong.’ That would have discredited my manager.”