round unfavorable future to this singer

The King of war corridos, Luis R. Conriquez, will live a 2023 in which, if he does not exercise extreme personal security, he could see death very closely, predicts the expert Farath Coronel to TVyNovelas.

“It will be a very difficult year for this singer. I see a situation in which he will be involved in illicit business, ”says the numerology expert.

Farath Coronel points out that in the astral consultation of the 26-year-old artist, the cards speak directly from mourning.

“The scenario of two attacks and a kidnapping is clearly seen in the future for him. Specifically, it can be predicted that first one of the attacks will occur, then the kidnapping, and finally a third attack in which he unfortunately will not get away well. The situation for Conriquez will begin to worsen in the months of February or March ”, he warns. When analyzing numerology, the specialist explains that the singer, who adds more than 11 million monthly listeners on digital platforms, has an astral 9 and a 6 descends.

“I see that the events could take place between the states of Guadalajara and Sinaloa,” says the seer Farath Coronel.

In addition to these situations, the numerologist also predicts unfortunate events in the legal field for those born in Sonora: “Luis will not go to jail, but he will be in a very media situation, so his career could be cut short before the attack.”

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