Royal expert on revelations: Prince Harry is ‘clearly a very troubled man’

Royal expert on revelations
Prince Harry is ‘clearly a very troubled man’

A few days before the official release of Prince Harry’s autobiography, more and more spicy details are leaking out. Prince Charles’ biographer, Jonathan Dimbleby, is perplexed and at a loss. Nevertheless, he thinks he knows what the emotional world of the renegade prince looks like.

British journalist and Prince Charles biographer Jonathan Dimbleby has compared the revelations in Prince Harry’s memoir to those of a “B celebrity”. “I’m perplexed. I’m at a loss. He’s clearly a very upset man,” Dimbleby told BBC Radio 4, according to a Guardian report.

Dimbleby had presented a 1994 ITV documentary about Charles, which included several sensational interviews with the heir to the throne at the time. In it, Charles admitted, among other things, to having cheated on Princess Diana during their marriage. In the same year, a biography of the then prince, written by Dimbleby, was published.

When asked how Charles felt about his son’s memoir, Dimbleby said: “I can only imagine it must be extremely painful for him, frustrating and wanting to see this through.” But he would be surprised if Harry weren’t invited to his father’s coronation in May: “It would only fuel the fire.”

According to royal expert Michael Cole, the allegations from Harry’s memoirs that have already been leaked should “detonate a huge landmine under Buckingham Palace” and shake the foundations of the monarchy. It was “the most sensational and devastating royal revelations” since Princess Diana’s interview with BBC reporter Martin Bashir in 1995, former spokesman for Mohamed Al-Fayed, father of Diana’s partner Dodi Al-Fayed, told British broadcaster Sky News. In the interview mentioned, Diana had relentlessly settled with her marriage to Prince Charles.

Prince Harry’s memoir “Spare” (German: “Reserve”) will be released on Tuesday (January 10). But because they accidentally ended up in several bookstores in Spain, British media were able to secure copies in advance and publish spicy details.

RTL and ntv show Harry interview

RTL has secured the broadcasting rights to the 72-minute interview with Prince Harry from British broadcaster ITV. The conversation will be on Monday (January 9) at 5 p.m shown on RTL as part of the program “Exclusive Special: Harry – The Interview”. Presenter Frauke Ludowig and nobility expert Michael Begasse provide classifications in the special program. The interview will also be broadcast in full on Monday at nv in a “News Special: Harry – The Interview”. 8:15 p.m just like vox in a “Celebrity Special. Harry: The Interview”. 11:15 p.m be visible.