Royalty | Henry of Sussex asked not to publish his controversial book after his last meeting with Elizabeth II | PEOPLE

The drama is growing within the British royal family. Although they have not yet gone on sale, the British press has been in an uproar for a few days over the prince’s controversial memoirs Henry of Sussex. Now, it has just been revealed that the youngest son of King Charles III of the United Kingdom wanted to cancel the publication of his explosive book after his last visit to Queen Elizabeth II.

As revealed to the newspaper The Times a source from Penguin Random House, the publisher that published the book, prince henry repented and asked not to publish it a couple of weeks after he and his wife, Meghan from Sussex, visited London in June last year to attend some of the UK’s Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

“It was a very black day. Everyone had been working very hard on this project in the utmost secrecy, with the expectation that it was going to be one of the most important books we were going to publish. And suddenly, just after Enrique’s trip to London, the boss came and told us: ‘He has backed down. She doesn’t want to do it anymore’. Getting a book like this off the ground takes a lot of effort and everyone involved was devastated.”ensures the source of the Times.

royal ultimatum

Although the reasons why the Duke of Sussex changed his mind are unknown, his decision could have been due to an ultimatum from the British royal family. “The rumor was that during his visit they made it clear to him that if he published the book while Queen Elizabeth II was alive then there would be no turning back. Obviously, everything changed with the death of the monarch in September.”.

Be that as it may, Prince Henry changed his mind again and decided to go ahead with the publication of his memoirs. The newspaper informant The Times It also ensures that, contrary to what was said a few months ago after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Harry made no substantial changes to the bookalthough episodes referring to that moment were added, such as the Duke of Sussex’s farewell to his grandmother on her deathbed.

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