RTL is now commenting on the “DSDS” scandal

Dieter Bohlen made a nasty derailment at “DSDS” and insulted a candidate. The broadcaster RTL strengthens the Germans.


the essentials in brief

  • Dieter Bohlen insulted a candidate in “DSDS” sexist.
  • RTL stands behind him and defends the processing of the woman’s past.
  • A muzzle for the “DSDS” team is obviously out of the question for the broadcaster.

As is well known, Dieter Bohlen (68) is not exactly squeamish with the candidates of “DSDS”. But in the new season he finally went too far with his comments.

Jill Lange (22), who has already achieved a certain level of awareness through her participation in reality formats, asked the juror: “Did you do anything normal? Or did you just have Abi and let yourself be noodled through?”

With the statement after a DSDS season break, the head of the jury has already set the standards that need getting used to again. And what does RTL say about the insults? At the request of “Der Westen”, the broadcaster stands behind the jury as usual.

“It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Jill’s participation in various reality formats in the RTL cosmos is discussed in an RTL show,” the statement begins. It is also pointed out that this should not be concealed for editorial reasons. And further: “During the recording of DSDS, Jill had no problem talking about her participation in the dating formats.”

A spokeswoman for the broadcaster made at least clear about Dieter Bohlen’s slip: “That would certainly not have been our choice of words, but in the context of the previous discussion (….) we saw no reason to cut the comment from the program.”

Are you watching the new and final season of “DSDS”?

A muzzle for the “DSDS” team is apparently out of the question for RTL. “Basically: Our jury consists of four jurors who stand for different opinions and attitudes to life and also express them.”

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