RTL: Is Tessa’s IbeS participation irresponsible? Expert clarifies

She probably caused the most excitement in the first “jungle camp” days. Whenever there is a riot on the RTL evening show, Tessa Bergmeier is not far away. With Tessa’s style, the former “GNTM” model is only partially well received by his roommates.

But Tessa Bergmeier has had a difficult time. In the episode that RTL broadcast on Thursday evening, the young woman, who suffers from bipolar disorder, spoke of bullying in her childhood and previously described how the mental illness affected her life.

Was it irresponsible to send Tessa Bergmeier to the camp?

But can Tessa withstand the pressure of the “jungle camp” or does RTL act irresponsibly? Nadja Stehlin from the “German Society for Bipolar Disorders” explains. “If a person with bipolar disorder has found a good way to deal with it and is receiving adequate therapy, for example, is well adjusted with medication, has dealt intensively with their own illness, for example with the help of psychotherapy or self-help, and overall, therefore, a good way of dealing with it has thus achieved a status that is similar to that of a person without bipolar disorder, ”explains Stehlin to this editorial office.

Nadja Stehlin continues: “Of course, the jungle camp is an extraordinary situation with lack of sleep, possibly social stress in the group and stress from experiencing the various tests. If Ms. Bergmeier has been stable for a long time and, as I said, has been able to deal with it well, which she can maintain in the jungle camp, it is conceivable that she can master this situation like other people without bipolar disorders – or else maybe not. Whether it is advisable to expose yourself to such a situation at all, whether you are completely mentally healthy or not, is another question.”

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She also acknowledges the openness that Tessa Bergmeier has with her illness. “On the one hand, Ms. Bergmeier seems to deal openly with the disease, which suggests that she has accepted the disease for herself,” said the first deputy chairwoman of the dgbs. And further: “During the exams, she seems to be able to concentrate very well and demonstrates strength of will and assertiveness – in themselves good prerequisites for being able to deal with adversity. But what the pressure can or will do over a certain period of time is open to all camp residents, not just Tessa Bergmeier.” Information and help on the subject of bipolar disorders can be found at www.dgbs.de.