RTL legend leaves the station after 30 years – that’s behind it

Maxi Biewer has a fit of laughter in front of the cameras.

Maxi Biewer has a fit of laughter in front of the cameras.picture: rtl

Maxi Biewer is certainly one of the most popular RTL faces ever. She has been presenting the weather forecast on the station since 1992 and often puts people in a good mood: the moderator’s several fits of laughter in front of the cameras are almost legendary. But now there RTL announced the farewell of the 57-year-old on his website.

Weather expert Maxi Biewer leaves RTL

“There are not many people who radiate as much charm and energy in the morning hours as Maxi Biewer,” enthuses her colleague Björn Alexander in a farewell text. He also recapitulates that Biewer’s career “required an incredible amount of energy, professionalism and just as much discipline”, because the presenter’s working day regularly began in the middle of the night, when she was already on the air at 6 a.m.

“Probably the most famous fit of laughter brought her and us a slightly tired colleague who ended up in the middle of the weather map due to a technical glitch,” Björn Alexander recalls. Instead of getting nervous about such mishaps, Maxi Biewer simply laughed with the audience – that was what distinguished her.

Her RTL colleague also emphasizes her importance behind the scenes. “At the same time, Maxi is always a rock in the surf when it comes to very serious labor law issues. Most recently in her capacity as head of the works council. A task that she is just as focused and does with a lot of heart and soul as the thousands and thousands of weather appearances,” says Alexander.

After RTL-Aus: Maxi Biewer goes on a trip

Finally, he reveals that Maxi Biewer will now fulfill a lifelong dream together with her husband Jean-Patrice Venn: “For Maxi and her husband, this takes place on a boat, because being out in nature and the world has always been played an important role in their lives.”

Finally, Maxi himself becomes a little more specific: “In summer we’re going to the Canary Islands. Then – at the end of the Atlantic hurricane season – we’ll continue sailing towards the Caribbean.”she reveals about her plans.

She does not reveal whether she will return to television in any form afterwards. In any case, its record is impressive: since 1992 it has presented over 15,000 weather forecasts from “Guten Morgen Deutschland” to “RTL Aktuell”. She was also used as an expert in the programs of n-tv, Vox and RTL Zwei.