RTL star Alexander Klaws exposes ZDF “Fernsehgarten”.

RTL star Alexander Klaws exposes ZDF “Fernsehgarten”: “Grandmother still thinks they sing live”

05/16/2022 at 11:17 p.m

This is the ZDF television garden

This is the ZDF television garden

“Der ZDF-Fernsehgarten” is one of the most popular German TV shows. The colorful mix of music and service has been around for over 30 years.

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As the first winner of RTL-Casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS) Alexander Klaws has achieved cult status. While most of the winners are quickly forgotten, the 2003 grand finale is still remembered by everyone.

After winning the RTL-Show, Alexander Klaws has had a steep career as a singer, musical performer, actor and moderator. A real jack of all trades. Since he would be the perfect guest for the ZDF-“television garden“!

RTL star Alexander Klaws annoyed by the music business: “Best still full playback”

But we will probably never see the 38-year-old there. Alexander Klaws thinks very little of the ZDF live show on Sunday, as he makes clear in the podcast “Kino oder Couch”.

In almost 20 years, Alexander has of course not only gotten to know the nice side of the music business. In particular, the feeling of being stuck in a perpetual “hamster wheel” cycle frustrated him.

“You released a single, then you go on a promotional tour, then the album comes out, then you’re everywhere again, then it’s thoroughly promoted, then you have a few appearances on television – preferably full playback, because you’ve just arrived and then left straight away, so you don’t have the time to rehearse everything,” says Alexander Klaws, describing life as a musician.

RTL face makes fun of “TV Garden”: “I don’t want that!”

So it’s not quite as glamorous as many viewers imagine it to be constantly appearing on television and touring across the country. “It was a kind of fake world that I didn’t feel like doing anymore,” explains the DSDS star. In particular, his greatest passion, the core of music and live performances, has increasingly receded into the background.

During his two-year promotional tour after the DSDS victory in 2003, for example, he was only able to give two or three performances where he even sang live again. This was often due to technical production reasons, “because the sound quality on the television show was not what you wanted”.

A prominent example of this is the ZDF “Fernsehgarten”, claims Alexander Klaws. “My grandma still thinks that they all sing live, even though they’re standing in front of a bush and don’t have a microphone in their hands,” he scoffs in the podcast interview. An absolute no-go for Alexander: “It’s one of those things where I thought: I don’t want that!”


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For this reason, the DSDS star reoriented itself at some point and focused on acting jobs and role offers in musicals.

Shortly before Easter, Alexander Klaws made his RTL comeback. But not every viewer was able to convince the program.