RTL star Lola Weippert poses topless: “Pure feeling of freedom”

RTL star Lola Weippert shows up in eye-catching outfits again and again. This time, however, she does without clothes almost completely.

More than half a million people now follow Lola Weippert on her Instagram profile. There the RTL presenter likes to show her eye-catching to extraordinary looks. But the 26-year-old also speaks openly about emotions and setbacks. Just a few days ago, she told her fans about a brutal robbery while on vacation in South Africa. Now she shares a breezy picture of herself, which shows her topless. At least in theory…

Because you can’t see Lola from the front. She sits with her bare back to the camera on a rock by the sea in Cape Town. The photos in the post show that she is not wearing a bikini top and is sunbathing. There are white spots on her back where she had obviously put on a top before. “Pure feeling of freedom,” she writes about the social media posting.

“Insulting someone for their body type is not okay”

Lola wants to know from her fans how long they have been following her and what kind of content they want from her. In addition, the 26-year-old writes a few lines on the subject of “Body Positivity”, i.e. feeling good in your own body. “It’s okay to be skinny, it’s okay not to be,” she said. And further: “Having curves is okay, not having curves is also okay. Insulting someone for their body type is not okay.”

Words she writes from experience. Because Lola Weippert is also insulted and attacked by some people on social media in the comments or by direct message. Again and again she shares nasty messages that were sent to her. However, the positive feedback outweighs the bathing mermaids photo.