RTL star Lola Weippert shocked with a sad confession: “Disgusting”

RTL presenter Lola Weippert shocks with a sad confession: “Disgusting”

RTL: That’s how it all started at the broadcaster

RTL: That’s how it all started at the broadcaster

The private TV station RTL went on the air on January 2, 1984 in Germany. At that time the station was called RTL plus. The abbreviation “RTL” is derived from the name “Radio Television Luxembourg”. The TV station was created as an offshoot of the German-language radio program “Radio Luxemburg”.

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Whether as a moderator at the RTL-Casting show “Das Supertalent” or as a candidate for “Let’s Dance”, Lola Weippert is always in a good mood. The presenter reveals in a story on Instagram that the self-confident 25-year-old has a sad past.

In a question and answer session he speaks RTL-Star about her school days and makes a bitter confession.

RTL presenter Lola Weippert talks about past bullying

A fan wants to know: “How do you deal with bullying?”. A question that Lola Weippert still has to ask herself today. Because not every follower is also a friend.


This is RTL Star Lola Weippert:

  • Eleonore Lola Naomi Weippert was born in Rottweil
  • From 2016 to 2020, Lola Weippert presented the radio show “Deutschlands biggestgste Morningshow” on BigFm
  • Lola Weippert has been one of the faces of RTL Plus since 2020 and moderates “Temptation Island”
  • In the 14th season of “Let’s Dance” she made it to number six


Lola Weippert regularly shares photos of the news she has to read about her body, her clothes or her job. In the meantime she has learned to deal with it, but now reveals: “I was bullied a lot at school and sometimes ate my lunch in the toilet”.

RTL star Lola Weippert – she was bullied before her “Supertalent” career

She explains, “I’ve never been the one to say ‘yes’ and ‘amen’ to everything. I’ve always had a mind of my own.”

Then she encourages her fans and says: “Always remember, it’s not you who are the problem, but the others who treat you so disgustingly because they probably see you as a threat or are jealous”.


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Lola Weippert is now living her dream. After her career as a radio presenter, her career began at RTL. Alongside comedian Chris Tall, she presented “Das Supertalent” and will start a new season of “Temptation Island” in April 2022.