RTL: Viewers attack the moderator! “Very Bad Episode”

He was considered a big favorite from the start, but the façade is slowly crumbling. Lucas Cordalis moved into the “jungle camp” with the firm intention of inheriting his father Costa. But now the big plan seems to be slowly but surely disappearing into thin air. And rarely has this been as visible as on Thursday evening (January 26) on RTL.

He doesn’t say everything he thinks, Lucas revealed in a conversation with Gigi and Dads, unintentionally starting a fight. It was said that he was dishonest. He doesn’t show his true face, he just plays something for his fans in front of the screens. A quarrel ensued. “Lucas, don’t make sacrifices,” Gigi yelled at him. A Zoff that rarely happened in the jungle. It is therefore understandable that the topic also came up in the “hour after”.

RTL viewers in a clinch

RTL presenter Angela Finger-Erben discussed the scenes with guests like Olivia Jones or Natascha Ochsenknecht and it quickly became apparent that the presenter and the ex-campers were more on the side of Gigi and Dads.

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“I think he has that king pressure. He’s trapped in that role, he has to be king now. He sees himself as heir to the Greek jungle throne and it doesn’t work that way,” Olivia Jones stated. And Angela Finger-Erben took a similar line. The moderator stated that he felt unmasked.

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An absolute no-go for the loyal fans of Lucas Cordalis. They attack finger heirs and their guests. “Very, very bad episode today,” says Instagram, for example. And another viewer writes: “I think it’s a shame that the facts are twisted in every show, as if nobody had really seen the show before. But today was particularly unbearable. Everyone saw that papis was extremely angry with Lucas during the exam and that he and the rude Gigi turned everything around. Too bad you try to make such terrible people look good.”