RTL: When Barbara Schöneberger sees HIM – the clothes fly

At the beginning of 2023 there is a new episode of “Because you don’t know what’s happening” on RTL. The show is usually broadcast live, but exceptionally the show was recorded for Saturday (January 7). But RTL promises that everything will be shown completely uncut. An action by Barbara Schöneberger would certainly have made it into the broadcast.

Because when the moderator finds out who her game partner is for the evening, she thinks she is dreaming. When he then comes down the stairs, Barbara gets very warm and she rips her clothes off. But who makes the blonde sweat so much?

“Because they don’t know what’s happening” (RTL): Barbara Schöneberger’s preferred candidate comes

The three TV giants have to prove themselves at the Winter Games on Saturday. Thomas Gottschalk is the moderator of the evening and Barbara Schöneberger and Günther Jauch compete against each other. Matching the motto, the three get thick winter coats, hats and scarves at the beginning of the show.

“Because they don’t know what’s happening” (RTL): Barbara Schöneberger took off her coat in a flash. Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

So that they don’t have to compete against each other alone, the duel gets prominent support. Mr. Jauch appears with moderator Janin Ullmann. When Barbara Schöneberger found out which handsome man should support her, she could hardly believe it. “My calls were heard,” calls the blonde. When Henning Baum comes down the stairs, the 48-year-old gets a hot flash and rips his winter clothes right off his body. After all, the moderator wants to look good when she welcomes the actor with open arms. But don’t worry, she’s wearing a salmon-colored jumpsuit underneath.

Even more news:

“I don’t know if you noticed: the last few times I always said, where’s Henning Baum when you need him?!” Babsi explains after she’s regained her composure. Henning Baum, who is 185 centimeters tall, replies dryly: “Now I’m here. I didn’t even know the show existed. Otherwise I might have come sooner.” Is victory with Schöneberger’s preferred candidate as good as certain? The statistics definitely speak for the presenter. In the last episodes of “Because you don’t know what’s happening” she first won with Oliver Pocher as a partner and then also with actor Hans Sigl at her side.