RTL2 star Anne Wunsch: The fire surprised her while she was sleeping

RTL2 star Anne Wunsch: The fire surprised her while she was sleeping

03/24/2022 at 10:13 p.m

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The Wollnys: A terribly large family

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Behind RTL2-Star Anne wishes lie terrible hours. In the middle of the night, the former “Berlin – Day & Night” actress was woken up by her dog because it smelled smoke.

Anne Wunsch, who is currently very pregnant, reacted immediately and fled the burning apartment with her children. The next day returned the RTL2fame returned to her home and fought back tears.

RTL2 star Anne Wunsch has to flee from a burning apartment – ​​the dryer is to blame

It is the nightmare of many people: While you are lying calmly in bed and sleeping, a fire suddenly breaks out in your own four walls. If you don’t wake up fast enough and get to safety, you can even lose your life. RTL2Actress Anne Wunsch owes it to her dog “Dobby” that she is still alive. This is how she describes the events:

Her four-legged friend suddenly woke her up at 1 a.m. when her dryer in the next room caught fire. The fire alarms didn’t respond, but her dog barked so loudly that Anne woke up. She promptly grabbed some clothes from the closet, collected her two children and three dogs and ran out of the house with them. “I was so full of adrenaline that I even had to google the number of the fire department,” she later said on Instagram.

The family was able to stay in a hotel for the first night. The next day, after only three hours of sleep, Anne ventures back to her apartment to see what the fire has spared.

RTL2 actress bursts into tears: “I just wouldn’t be there anymore”

Once there, tears well up in the eyes of the former “Berlin – Day & Night” actress. “There’s no way we can sleep here. It stinks like hell,” she notes in her Instagram story as she walks through the rooms. When she then sees the burnt-out kitchen, which also contains her dryer and washing machine, she is completely overwhelmed.

“When I think about what could have happened… I just wouldn’t be there anymore,” she explains, her voice shaking. All the clothes are so full of smoke that she cannot take them with her. She only tries to take everyday products like shampoo with her before she moves to another hotel with her daughters.


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RTL2 star Anne Wunsch accidentally reveals her baby’s name

Out of sheer excitement, Anne Wunsch even reveals the name of her unborn son: “I’m very happy that Sávio is still in my stomach. I don’t know what I would do if I still had a little baby to take care of. ”Actually, this should remain secret until birth, but the RTL2 actress currently has completely different worries.