Rugby star Nathan Stapleton breaks his neck during game – his wife is expecting a child

Nathan Stapleton (32) has been an integral part of the Australian rugby league for 14 years. He celebrated his greatest successes with the Cronulla Sutherland Sharks, most recently for the Boorowa Rugby Club. The sudden end of his career and a bitter turning point in his life happened in the season opening game of all places: Nathan Stapleton broke his C4 vertebra during a tragic accident on the pitch – he is now paraplegic from the shoulders down.

Nathan and his partner are about to become parents for the second time

Although the 32-year-old family man is flown to a hospital in Sydney by helicopter, the broken neck and spinal cord injury show their consequences: paraplegia, career-ending. The situation is particularly bitter because his partner Kate is heavily pregnant and is expecting their child in a few months.

But the young family – Kate and Nathan are parents of a one-and-a-half-year-old boy – don’t want to be defeated, and a call for donations on “GoFundMe” was launched. Her big goal: to advance the rehab – in the faint hope that Nathan will someday become more mobile again.

Don’t let them get you down: donations are intended to support young families

The family’s spokesperson and driving force behind the fundraiser is sister-in-law Kirstie, who writes on the GoFundMe page: “Even though it’s been a tough time, Kate and Nathan remain incredibly optimistic and determined not to let this injury get you down . Funds raised will support the recovery of Nathan and his young family, including medical expenses, rehabilitation, home/vehicle modifications, lodging/travel for Kate and the children, and any other support needed for Nathan’s continued recovery.”