Rules that Kate Middleton has to follow as Princess of Wales

Many changes came for the british monarchy once Queen Elizabeth II passed away on September 8, 2022. Her first-born son inherited the throne and as part of the first official acts of his mandate, King Carlos III appointed a new prince and princess of walesto his eldest son Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton.

New titles come with new features and what’s next for the couple is probably a more active role in the royal family. For many people, this is fantastic, as they are highly respected and well received people who are applauded for accessibility and warmth.

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However, this new role also means having to abide by some very specific rules of etiquette, with a view to becoming the future King And Queen, Well, William is next in the line of succession. Here are some royal-specific rules that Kate Middleton has to follow.

no to selfies

The couple has never been very prone to taking selfie type pictures with the people; usually, royalty never do but now, less. The idea is also not to displace attention, stealing it from the king or the functions they perform. The important thing is to focus on what they do, not how well known they are.

Autographs are prohibited

Any member of the royal family is also prohibited from giving autographs. It is a matter of precaution, because you have to prevent your signature from being copied or reproduced. Again, even though they are very famous, it’s not about fame that they want to focus on.

None of the flashy polishes

Ever since Kate Middleton married Prince William, her attire has had to conform to the monarchy’s etiquette rules. She cannot wear bright colors, neither in the nails nor in the hair nor in the makeup. But if this was already noticeable then, now we will see it with even more demure colors.

You should be careful with gifts

You can’t give any type of gift to members of the royal family, in fact, there is a ‘Gift Policy’, published on the official page of Buckingham Palace on September 5, 2003. In essence, if it is of something ‘compromising’, neither she nor anyone in the royal family can accept it. “Gifts should not be accepted including hospitality or services, which may or may appear to place the member of the royal family under no obligation to the donor“.

No more kissing in public with your husband

According to Vogue magazine, the royal family can not show affection in public. Kisses are prohibited and that is also why it is not well seen that couples are seen in official acts of the hand. And if it is not an official act, they will hold hands, of course, but nothing more.

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