Rumors about the contract: is Charlène’s future in Switzerland?

Since her return to the Principality of Monaco will Charlene observed at every turn. That French magazine Voici now wants to know that the couple will meet according to clear rules in the future. Charlène could move her center of life to Geneva in Switzerland and travel to Monaco for representative duties. In the meantime, the two children Jacques and Gabriella should stay with their father Prince Albert II. stay in Monaco. And there is not only talk of an annual appanage of twelve million euros, but also of a special clause after the paths of Charlene and her sister-in-law Princess Caroline are said not to cross. There is neither a confirmation nor a denial from the palace.

Charlène returned to Monaco just over a month ago after a stay in the hospital. At the beginning of last year she traveled to her native South Africa to support the fight against rhino poaching. But soon she was stuck at the Cape with health problems. She was not allowed to travel because of an ear, nose and throat infection. Charlène then had to undergo hours of surgery under general anesthetic at the southern tip of Africa several times, and she was temporarily in a clinic because of the slow healing process. Charlène finally returned to Monaco in mid-November – only to travel shortly after to a clinic outside the principality for medical treatment. She should also be recovering at home at the moment.

Former career swimmer Charlène Wittstock was born in what is now Zimbabwe in 1978 and moved to South Africa with her family when she was twelve. She met her future husband in 2000 at a swimming competition in Monaco. In 2007 she then moved to the city-state on the Mediterranean. She has been a princess since 2011.