Rumors of romance between Belinda and Álvaro Morte grow

The interpreter of Luz sin Gravidad appeared on the red carpet of the Platinum Awards arm in arm with actor Álvaro Morte and the rumors broke out.

After her breakup with Christian Nodal, Belinda moved to Spain where she made her way into different projects such as “Welcome to Eden”, the Netflix series that premiered this Friday, May 6.

Since her move, the Mexican artist has appeared at several public events, and has been seen accompanied by the protagonist of “La Casa de Papel”, Álvaro Morte, which has sparked strong rumors about whether the interpreter of “Luz sin Gravidad” He has given a new opportunity to love.

The rumors gained strength after Belinda appeared arm in arm with the “professor” on the red carpet of the Platinum Awards on May 1.

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Illustrative and non-commercial image.

In social networks, the images quickly became viral, users even congratulated the singer for ending her relationship with Nodal.

In February, Nodal made the break with Belinda public, it was speculated that the reason for the separation was because the famous woman had asked him to pay her taxes. Her separation led her to take a break even from social networks. The pink press pointed out that he was going through a depressive stage trying to get over the breakup.

Recently, Belinda opened up for the first time to clarify the decision she made to move away from her social networks after ending her commitment to Christian Nodal.

Belinda at the Platinum Awards red carpet. Photo: Illustrative and non-commercial image/

“I felt very good because it is very healthy not only for me but for everyone, I recommend it (stay away from social networks). It is not that you go away forever, you are relaxed for a while, focused on other things, loving you, getting to know you more because we never stop getting to know each other and in the end it gives you a lot of peace, a lot of tranquility”, he reflected during an interview for the “First Hand” program.