rupture confirmed with his darling Stephanie, the cause partly revealed…

The usually very discreet singer about his private and romantic life spoke to our colleagues from “Parisien”. Garou finally lifts the veil on his separation with Stéphanie Fournier, his companion for eleven years.

The Quebec singer is back in France for the tour around his latest album, Were plays Dassin. He will perform everywhere in France, but also in Belgium and Canada. On the occasion of the promotion of these cover titles, the interpreter gave himself an interview to our colleagues from ParisianJanuary 4, 2023. He talks about his career, his beginnings, his music but also his personal life. Garou hints that he is single and that his relationship with Stephanie Fournier is over, saying he is “alone“. Here, it reminds us of one of his hits…

Garou and his private life: is he single? his answer that says a lot…

During his long conversation with our colleagues in the Parisian restaurant Manko – of which he is one of the owners – and in the course of a confidence on his latest album, the singer talks about his life and his daily life in the house where he lives most of the year, in a forest, in Canada. He says first, on his album signed to Universal: “I expect nothing. My happiness is to have done it“. And the rest of his statement reveals a lot, he explains: “Afterwards, it was folded. I chained five days of promotion in Paris and I go back to my house, I put oil in the chainsaw to cut wood and I get on my tractor“. He then adds: I’m all alone and it suits me very well“.

A way of confiding in a half-word that his relationship with Stephanie, his companion for eleven years, is over“, does not fail to underline the newspaper.

A way for the 50-year-old singer to discreetly admit the end of his relationship with Stéphanie Fournier, after eleven years. The end of a love story that filled him for years. In 2016, he told Tele-Leisure : “Today I am very much in love. She is very excessive too, but only in love. So it comes together on this ground and, for the rest, it calms me down a lot! Luckily she’s here“.

Why Garou and Stéphanie Fournier are no longer together?

And this admission of their separation does not come alone. Garou later reveals details about their past romantic relationship and possible reasons for their breakup. It’s my longest relationship, he confesses. We were beginning to live like an old couple. He ends by explaining:Today, I allow myself more freedom“.

When did Garou and Stéphanie Fournier break up?

He does not give more details on his breakup with Stéphanie Fournier and does not reveal when their relationship ended. On the other hand, it is true that the singer and former close friend of Celine Dion – with whom he shared the cult duo Downwind but of which he no longer really has any news – had not mentioned his dear and tender since 2019. And more than a year ago, Garou had appeared with another woman….

November 19, 2021while fans of the singer – who was also briefly in a relationship with Lori – expected to see him with his long-time girlfriend at the One Drop Foundation’s first charity dinner at the Dauphine Pavilion in Paris. The master of ceremonies appeared on the arm of a young woman, named Emily. A way perhaps to formalize his new idyll?