Ruth Maria Kubitschek: She speaks for the first time about the death of her Wolfgang

The public has not heard from Ruth Maria Kubitschek (90) for a long time. The last interview with the actress was almost six years ago. The reason for her withdrawal: the death of her partner Wolfgang Rademann († 81), producer of the ZDF “Traumschiff”.

“His death took me away,” the 90-year-old tells “picture“”Wolfgang was much more present and larger in my life than I wanted to admit in our forty years together.”

Ruth Maria Kubitschek withdrew completely after the death of Wolfgang Radmann

Your consequence: complete withdrawal. “After Wolfgang left in January 2016, I needed this calm. Also this loneliness. I withdrew to my cave and hardly wanted to see anyone.”

That changed in autumn 2021. “Last autumn it went through my head: everything is nice, but without any external contacts … something is missing,” says Kubitschek. “It suddenly didn’t feel right to be alone anymore.”

But something had to change for that. “I decided to give up all responsibility to sell my property.” Now it’s Ascona instead of Lake Constance for the 90-year-old. She bought an apartment there. She does not miss her previous apartments.

Ruth Maria Kubitschek eats ice cream and spaghetti every day – and loses weight

“I didn’t manage to walk through the garden again at Lake Constance. Only here, in Ascona, could I really cry,” she admits in an interview. Her son still lives on Lake Constance, while her friend Heidi keeps everything in good shape until there is a buyer, reports Kubitschek.

In Ascona, the senior really blossoms. “The sun and the mild climate are good for me. I go for a walk every day,” she says happily. “I eat spaghetti and ice cream almost every day, but I’ve lost three kilos since April. I’ve literally become lighter.” This is also reflected emotionally. “It’s a great feeling to put my life in order again.”