Ryan Grantham, actor of ‘Riverdale’, confessed to murdering his mother | Famous

The Canadian histrion, 24, executed his mother, 64, when he played the piano in his home in Squamish, Canada.

Grantham, who played the character of Jeffrey Augustine on “Riverdale,” pleaded guilty on March 9. At the first hearing of his trial held on June 13, the actor confessed in the British Columbia Supreme Court that planned a second murder and revealed that his victim would be the Canadian president.

A day after shooting his mother, he traveled to eastern Canada for Ottawa with three firearms, ammunition, Molotov cocktails, camping supplies and a map with the goal of eliminating Trudeau.

At the hearing, Ryan justified that he killed his mother to prevent her from seeing the crime he would commit: “He did not want her to see the act of violence he was going to commit,” reported the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), regarding his statement.

Although his mission was to arrive in Ottawa, when he arrived in the community of Hope, which belongs to the province of British Columbia, he thought about committing a massacre against the people who went through the Lions Gate bridge of Vancouver or in the Simon Fraser University, where he studied. However, that night he decided to turn himself in and went to the police in East Vancouver:

According to the CBC Canadian media, in British Columbia, second degree murder has as a consequence automatic life sentence, however, after 18 years could request probation. The authorities will continue with the trial next Tuesday, June 21, where a sentence could be reached.

Ryan Grantham’s confessions at trial

During the hearing, the actor confessed that prior to the murder of his mother he had many violent and suicidal thoughtshe felt angry and anxious about his failures, he also faced problems at school.

He said that before he killed his mother he approached her on one occasion with the gun without being seen.

He also showed videos of the tour he made, in addition to images of his lifeless mother and described his actions: ” I shot him in the neckin the moments afterward, she would have known it was me.”

Ryan described in his diary that after killing his mother he went to buy beer, cannabis and returned home to make Molotov cocktails, then watched Netflix for two and a half hours. He later covered the body with a sheet and lay down.

Before leaving on April 1, he hung a rosary on the piano and placed candles around his mother.

In his diary he regretted what he had done: ” I’m so sorry, mom, I’m so sorry, Lisa… I hate myself. There are a lot of media about me out there… film and television… hundreds of hours of mine that can be seen and dissected… Nobody will understand it, “she said.

Ryan Grantham’s mother had cancer

The body was found on the night of April 1 by Lisa Grantham, Ryan’s sister, who went to her mother’s home after not answering calls or messages.

Lisa explained that her mother had cancer and expressed her frustration that her brother attacked her from behind, because “he did not give her the opportunity to defend herself.”

The psychological tests of Ryan Grantham

The actor’s psychiatric reports revealed that months before committing the murder, Ryan was going through a “clinical depression”, said prosecutor Michaela Donnelly. As well as “self-loathing and guilt for her mother.”

Ryan Grantham’s career

He began his artistic career at 9 years. She participated in series such as ‘Riverdale’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Izombie’. In the cinema she ventured into the films ‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid’ and ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’.