Ryan Reynolds in distress over kissing scene

Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds get closer in front of the camera: The two are in "The Adam Project" to see.

Zoe Saldana and Ryan Reynolds bond in front of the camera in ‘The Adam Project’.Image: Doane Gregory/Netflix

“The Adam Project” has been available on Netflix for a week and is fighting for first place in the streaming service’s top 10 – the blockbuster with superstar Ryan Reynolds is currently ahead. In the sci-fi film, the actor, playing Adam, travels back in time to meet himself as a teenager. Actually, the two Adam versions have to save the world, but there’s a problem: they don’t get along at all.

Zoe Saldana also plays an important role as Laura. Laura is Adam’s wife, whom Adam is originally looking for – and romantic moments are inevitable when we meet again. This is exactly what Reynolds was confronted with during a Q&A by a young fanthe corresponding video is on the official Instagram channel “Netflix Geeked” uploaded.

“The Adam Project”: Fan question upsets Ryan Reynolds

Among other things, there is a kiss between Adam and Laura in the course of the story. In the question and answer session about the film, a fan now asks directly: “That scene where you kiss the girl… was that real?” The 45-year-old probably didn’t expect such a confrontation, which is why he only manages an astonished “Woah” at first. His colleague Jennifer Garner, who is also present, rejoices with amusement: “This is the best Q&A ever!”

Finally, Garner theorizes that the boy may have asked his question on behalf of Reynolds’ real-life wife, Blake Lively, making the situation a little more awkward. But the “Deadpool” star is no slouch and does provide an answer. The kiss was “somehow real”. Afterwards, however, he still fiddles around a bit:

“But how do I answer that? Is this going to be broadcast everywhere now? I didn’t mean it like that!”

By “somehow real” Reynolds presumably means that the kiss has to look real, especially since it’s about convincing the audience. But conveying this to a child is not even that easy when you are actually married to another woman. In the end, the actor relents: “That’s the problem. I don’t know how to explain this to my own children. They look at that and they say, ‘Daddy, what are you doing?’ Like it’s exactly the tactic I would use with them: not anger, just disappointment.”

Reynolds then turned it up again and joked that the young fan should better leave the room: “Yeah, good question, the exit is that way.”