Rym Renom proud to be a mother: she reveals a tender snapshot of Alma

Rym Renom is a mother proud of her children. So much so that even in the middle of work, his two daughters are never far from the reality TV star. And on this Thursday, May 12, 2022, in an Instagram post, she revealed part of her daily life with her youngest.

A few months ago, the lives of Rym Renom and Vincent Queijo changed forever. And for good reason… After becoming the happy parents of a little girl named Maria-Valentina, they welcomed their second child on January 16. A wonderful event which had come to close the many health concerns of which the young mother had been the victim throughout her pregnancy. Alma Queijo Renown. A second baby girlwhat immense happiness thank you Rym for giving me the two most beautiful gifts of my life, thank you for being so strong on a daily basis. I can’t wait for all four of us to be at home doing ‘family hugs’. Dad is the happiest man in the world in this new kingdom of princesses”announced Vincent Queijo on social networks.

A tender name that had many meanings for the two former reality TV candidates. “Her name is Alma. The meaning in Arabic ‘the scholar’ and in Spanish/Portuguese ‘blade’. We immediately agreed. It will be called Alma and the fact that there is a meaning in Arabic, in Portuguese and in Spanish, our origins, it was super important for us”had explained, for his part, Rym Renom.

Like Mother like daughter

And the little girl seems to have quickly made her mark with her loved ones. In particular, when Rym Renom goes about his professional obligations. Since the 31-year-old young woman cannot be separated from her daughters for a very long time, on this Thursday, May 12, 2022, Alma and Maria-Valentina’s mother chose to take her youngest to a filming location.

It was in an Instagram post that Rym Renom revealed one of these privileged moments. “Clip shooting day without ever forgetting my role as a mom… I love you”she wrote in the captionan adorable shot alongside his little princess. Something to soften a large number of Internet users. “What a beautiful photo”, “So beautiful”, “Sublime”, “Too beautiful photo”, they commented. An appearance that is always unanimous!

Source- https://www.voici.fr/news-people/rym-renom-fiere-detre-maman-elle-devoile-un-tendre-cliche-dalma-729283