Sabine Moussier denied that there is an affair with a cast partner in the telenovela Corazón Guerrero | Famous

For 6 years, between 2002 and 2008, Sabine Moussier was married to Jorge Peralta. At that time, they had 2 children together and everything seemed to be going like honey, however, after her separation in 2008, the famous soap opera villain revealed that she had suffered abuse from her ex-partner.

This led to a strenuous and public legal battle, which the actress ended up winning.

Since then, no heartthrob has been known to her, so it is not surprising that rumors arise from time to time that she has found love again.

Sabine Moussier was linked to an actor 19 years younger than her

Precisely in recent days, rumors circulated that the actress of German origin had given herself a new opportunity in love and nothing more and nothing less than someone 19 years younger than her.

According to what was said, it was Josh Gutiérrez, with whom he shares credits in the telenovela Corazón Guerrero.

Sabine Moussier reacted to rumors of an affair with a younger actor

Upon leaving the Televisa studios, the artist was intercepted by several reporters. Interestingly, she was in a car driven by Josh Gutiérrez.

When asked if there was “something else” between the two, Sabine answered with surprise “What? Stop making things up.” Josh chimed in and explained that their supposed romance is limited solely to the novel.

In addition, they explained that the reason why they were together at that time was because they were on their way to do some promotions.

This is Josh Gutiérrez, actor of Corazón Guerrero

Despite the fact that he is a young talent, he has already accumulated several successes in his career such as ‘Miss XV’, ‘Italian girl comes to marry’, ‘La Malquerida’ and ‘El hotel de los secretos’.

One of his most important jobs was to bring Jorge D’Alessio to life in the bioseries ‘Today I’m going to change’.

In the telenovela Corazón Guerrero, Josh Gutierrez will play Federico Montalvo, the lover of Victoriana, the main character of Sabine Moussier. That’s what he meant when he said that they are only a couple in fiction.

In addition to said melodrama, the 34-year-old actor has another important project on the horizon: as announced on his social networks, he will be part of the cast of the biographical series of María Félix, starring Sandra Echeverría.

Are you excited to see the duo of Sabine Moussier and Josh Gutierrez on screen?