Sadness among fans of ‘Ugly Betty’, the novel will leave Netflix

Ugly Betty has generated a worldwide addiction, it has even become one of the most viewed soap operas by users of the streaming platform. streaming, Netflix. The telenovela, which has more than 300 chapters and premiered more than 20 years ago, It is in the top 10 of the most viewed productions on that platform.

The Colombian production is seen by a young audience that has taken the opportunity to get to know it and also by adults, who saw it a few years ago and have wanted to repeat it so as not to miss any detail of this soap opera, which apparently has not gone out of style; nevertheless, The news is not good for those who watch the novel on Netflix.

Several fans of the production in Latin America have mentioned on their social networks that by accessing the novel through the platform, it has announced the last date on which they will be able to enjoy the production. According to the information that appears in the description of the content of the novel, This will be available until July 10.

It is usual for Netflix to remove certain content from its platform, generally when it does not add views to its catalog; So far, the organization has not ruled on the output of its platform.

‘Betty, the ugly’: this is what the ugly barracks looks like today

More than 21 years ago in Colombia the transmission of I am Betty the Ugly one, a telenovela written by the late librettist Fernando Gaitán that made history, not only in the country but throughout the world. With 28 adaptations around the planet and more than 180 countries that broadcast the original version, this novel is considered by many to be the most successful of all time.

For this reason, it is not uncommon that after more than two decades since its last chapter was broadcast, citizens around the world are still looking for information related to the characters of this famous soap opera, so any information that is found quickly becomes news.

An example of this is a series of recent photographs that show a meeting between three of the secretaries who were part of the so-called Cuartel de las feas’. “The girls from the Barracks. Here thinking about them!” Marcela Posada wrote on her Instagram account, an actress who gave life to Sandra, one of the ‘ugly’ women with the greatest character and whose main enemy was Patricia Fernández, the ‘peliteñida’, who in turn he dubbed Posada’s character ‘the giraffe’.

The actress had a nice time with two of her ex-partners in ‘Ecomoda’: Luces Velásquez, who played Bertha, and Estefanía Gómez, better remembered as Aura María.

The images were also shared by Velásquez, who also hinted that the three would be developing a project for the future: “Arroz en bajo. They cannot imagine the happiness of being together”.

As expected, the followers of the ‘barrack’ did not wait with his comments of affection and admiration for these three women who knew how to play unforgettable roles in the most remembered ‘ugly’ novel on Colombian television.

“The most beautiful ugly girls of all”; “Oh my God, they called a 911 and they didn’t invite”; “Since when do they make committees? I want to be” and “You go through life, but the years do not go through you”, are some of the messages of admiration and love that Internet users left for these actresses.