Sam Dylan in bed with Sharon Stone: You gotta sleep your way up in Hollywood

“Oh my god, I just woke up in Hollywood,” says Sam Dylan in his Instagram story. The trash TV star, who became known for his appearances in “Prince Charming” and “Clash of Reality Stars”, wants to advance his international career. But what does superstar Sharon Stone have to do with it?

Sam Dylan plans career in Hollywood: “I have an audition”

Sam Dylan apparently has big plans, as he announces to his fans and followers in the clip. “I also have an audition,” he explains of his trip to the USA. “Please keep your fingers crossed that I might do a Hollywood movie soon. There’s so much to do.” When panning the camera, the TV celebrity suddenly reveals a glimpse of his prominent bedmate. This is actually Sharon Stone, known from blockbusters like “Basic Instinct”, “Casino” and “Fast Than Death”.

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What does Sharon Stone do in bed with Sam Dylan?

The sex icon of the nineties, who was even nominated for an Oscar in 1996, just waves briefly at the camera. Sam Dylan does not explain how this encounter came about, but he raves about the actress. “It’s right Hollywood. Sharon Stone is already next to me.” He can’t resist a little tip to this scene. “Even in Hollywood you have to sleep your way up, but I know that and I’ll do my best. You have to do something for your career,” he jokes.

What does ex-Bachelorette boy Rafi Rachek think about Sam Dylan’s bed acquaintance? While he hasn’t commented publicly on the matter yet, he most likely won’t mind. After all, the two gay TV stars have been a couple for over two years and are currently planning a program about adopting a baby together.

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Which production (TV, commercial, cinema) does Sam Dylan want to audition for, is not yet known. In his Instagram story he shows himself on the “Walk of Fame” in Hollywood and gives insights into the luxurious property in which he is housed together with Sharon Stone. Will the two be in front of the camera together soon?

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