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Samahara Lobatondaughter of Melissa Klug, responded to the constant criticism she had after making changes to her face.

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It is worth mentioning that the former participant of “El Gran Show” had announced a few weeks ago that she was satisfied with her “rhinomodeling and lips” made by experts in facial harmonization. However, she received numerous criticisms on her social media.

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Through her Instagram account, the influencer received questions from her followers, including one asking if the state of the “touch-up” she gave her lips would improve over time.

“I see them beautiful. And as long as I like them, I don’t give a shit what the rest thinks. Because if you do something or wear something, it’s because you like it, not so that people like it,” Lobatón wrote.

MAIL |  Samahara Lobaton

Samahara Lobatón and her new touches on her face: “I loved my rhinomodelation”

Through her social networks, Samahara Lobatón caught the attention of her followers after sharing some videos in which she showed the results of her new cosmetic touch-ups.

“Now we are going to show you everything I am going to do, he is a genius in facial harmonization”, the influencer is heard saying before undergoing the aesthetic changes

“I loved my rhinoplasty and lips,” Samahara expressed in one of her Instagram stories.