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Through their social networks, Samahara Lobatón was worried, since her daughter is saturating 90-92 in an asthma chart. Melissa Klug’s daughter forgot about the complaint case that she has against her, to leave a message of strength to her baby.

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“My cute sweetie is saturating 90-92 with an asthma condition that doesn’t leave her alone. I love you, my queen, all this will pass. Samahara Lobatón wrote.

Photo: Instagram @sam_lobaton_klug
Photo: Instagram @sam_lobaton_klug

Samahara Lobatón denies separation from Youna after Jorka Otoya’s complaint: “We are very well”

Samahara Lobatón is in the eye of the storm after allegedly starring in a new episode of violence. Jorka Otoya Tupayachi denounced the influencer at the police station for harassing her and threatening her with death via WhatsApp messages. It is worth mentioning that Melissa Klug’s daughter denies everything and says that these chats are false.

The Amor y Fuego reporter asked Samahara if things with Youba were going well, since they don’t follow each other on Instagram.

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“We are not blocked, we just don’t follow each other, but we get along super well, he and I, that’s how we understand each other. No, don’t marry me yet, please.” express.