Samantha and Flavio (‘OT 2020’) confirm their breakup

                        The 2020 edition of ‘Operación Triunfo’ was one of the shortest in its history, since it had to be interrupted by the pandemic. However, the program gave us many ‘salseos’ that surely you still have in mind. Undoubtedly, one of the events that generated the most expectation was the relationship between Samantha and Flavio, whose chemistry did not go unnoticed by viewers. Almost three years after all that, what was one of the most beloved couples for fans of the program has announced its breakup after receiving hate messages.

                        It had been some time since the couple had shared photos together on social networks, something that raised suspicions about their breakup among fans (many even speculate that she would already be meeting someone else). To silence the rumors, the ex-partner has published a message in their respective Instagram ‘stories’ in which they confirm that They have not been together for months, although they do not specify the reasons. “Due to all the hate messages towards us, our friends and our relatives, both Flavio and I have decided to clarify that we have not been together for several months,” they wrote.

                        samantha and flavio ot 2020 break up


                        In the statement, the singers have also wanted to clarify that, despite the fact that they are no longer together as a couple, they continue to get along well. “The relationship between the two is unbeatable, do not dirty by inventing nonsense. Thank you, we love you “, she has concluded. So far, neither of them have deleted their (adorable) photos together from social networks.

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                        The woman from Alicante and the man from Murcia were the first of that edition to confirm their relationship, although there was also another couple: Eva B and Hugo Cobo, who are still together.