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The Miss Grand Peru 2021, Samantha Batallanosdenied having a sentimental relationship with the former boxer Jonathan Maicelo despite having been “protected” on more than one occasion.

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In an interview for “Love and Fire”, the model was asked if she had an affair, which she refused to say. “You never know what could happen, Maicelo is a nice person and we have shared. But one does not know that she could happen, so that I should say something ahead of time, I feel that I should not say something yet, ”she expressed.

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Likewise, Batallanos insisted on ensuring that he is not trying to “hide something” with the athlete. “I’m not yet ready to say if I am or not (…) If this really blossoms, it could count, but now I prefer to reserve myself,” he mentioned.

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Who is Samantha Batallanos? The model who was supported by Jonathan Maicelo and Duilio Vallebuona

Batallanos, 29, was born in the populous district of San Juan de Miraflores. The young woman started in the world of modeling when she was barely 15 years old, but it was in 2019 that she made her big leap after participating in Miss Peru, and she was crowned Miss Grand Peru 2021.

He also had a brief stint on the short-lived program ‘Mi gente dice’. However, her name began to sound in the local show business due to her sentimental relationship with Alexander Blas, ‘the prince of Gamarra’. They even had intentions of getting married; however, the courtship did not prosper.

In June 2022, Samantha Batallanos returned to monopolize the media covers after she was invited as part of the companions of magnate Dan Bilzerian.